At Working Well, we understand how important strong leadership is at every level of your organization. Good leaders inspire innovation and productivity. They retain employees and build functional teams. With effective leaders, employees report a greater sense of job satisfaction and personal integrity. 

The Leadership Lab combines traditional mindfulness practices with key leadership development strategies to transform our idea of who we are at work, what we can become, and how much we can accomplish. We provide a forum to press pause in order to gain greater insight and perspective. Our leadership curriculum focuses on the tenets of mindful leadership: self awareness, ethics and responsibility, and authenticity. We will also explore ways that you can help meet your core professional needs and those of the people you manage. 

Two out of three Americans do not feel engaged at work according to a 2016 Gallup Survey. Yet, most Americans spend more time working than doing anything else. Our time is too precious to let this go unexamined. The Harvard Business Review discovered that employees are vastly more satisfied and productive when their core professional needs are met. However, more than half of American workers claim their professional lives do not fulfill their core professional needs. 

The Leadership Lab integrates these four domains in its approach to working with leaders and their teams. 

  • Physical: opportunities to regularly renew and recharge at work      
  • Emotional: to feel valued and recognized for professional contributions
  • Cognitive: the personal agency to focus on and prioritize important tasks  
  • Spiritual: to experience joy, connection and higher purpose at work  

Working Well offers customized trainings to meet the needs of your company at all levels. Sessions are onsite, in person, and tailored to meet your budget and time constraints. Here are some sample topics covered:

  • Intention Setting Practice: Aligning our actions with our intentions        
  • Mindful Listening and Communication: From Competition to connection
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Radical Responsibility: Turning obstacles into opportunities
  • Peak Performance: Maximizing Potential
  • Ethical Leadership: The role of wisdom and compassion in the workplace
  • Authenticity as Path: The power of self-acceptance
  • Envisioning New Roles: Shedding self-limiting narratives

We believe everyone benefits when our work lives are satisfying and meaningful. We believe organizations thrive when the work culture is cooperative and healthy. We help teams and individuals move from mere competence on the job to self mastery by improving performance, productivity, and a sense of well-being at work. 

Working Well has been an incredible resource for our growing company. With 100 employees (up from 5 a few years ago) we are always looking for creative ways to provide team building events and peak performance training to our staff. Julie customized a program which includes mindful movement (to stay connected to our bodies), calming breath work (to manage stressful situations of daily work) and even an open forum for sharing professional growth aspirations. Her work with our company has become integral to keeping our team engaged, connected and sharp and everyone looks forward to the training.”
— Daniel Siegel, CEO of Safe Passage Neuromontioring
From our first planning conversation through the workshop experience, she brought thoughtfulness, detail and kindness to the process. As a facilitator, she led our participants through a welcoming and inviting experience that allowed them to feel connection, ease and calm that they can take with them into their professional and personal lives. I highly recommend Julie’s work.
— Stephanie Cowling, Employment Coordinator. Red Hook Initiative