We invite you to learn how mindfulness can help enhance the quality of teaching and learning in your school.

As educators, you understand that learning can only happen from a foundation of wellbeing on the part of both teacher and student. Yet, today's teachers are often stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked. Students are increasingly distracted by external and internal pressures. And, it is estimated that one in five young people currently suffer from a mental illness.  

Mindfulness is a great way to invest in the mental health and physical well-being of the young and those who advocate for them. Numerous studies indicate that mindfulness practices enhance cognition, self-regulation, and our ability to sustain attention. For this reason, mindfulness is becoming very popular in schools.

Working Well is a certified vendor for the New York Public Schools. Our trainings and classes provide a practical toolbox of mindfulness practices for students and educators. The workshops and classes are age-appropriate, secular,  trauma-sensitive, and based on the reality of the school environment. 

Mindfulness Classes for Adolescents

Imagine a class that helps your students build self-awareness and resilience. Imagine a class that helps your students understand their own minds so they can manage stress , make good choices, and learn to regulate their thoughts and emotions. 

Our program for adolescents involves mindfulness classes that touch on themes like establishing healthy habits and managing peer pressure. We also delve into the neuroscience of learning, the effects of substance use and abuse, and the impact of stress on brain function. We pair these themes with mindfulness practices that enable us to flip the switch on our fight-flight response so that we can attend to ourselves and befriend others. Also, we explore the role of mentors and role models in psychological development. 

Professional Development Workshops for Faculty

Imagine a faculty meeting that didn't ask you to take on another initiative, but instead asked you to follow your breath and listen to your own thoughts. Imagine a faculty meeting that gave you tools to restore your energy rather than activities that zap what little energy you have left at the end of the day. Imagine learning ways to help your students thrive despite enormous challenges. Imagine receiving regular reminders and tips on how to make your teaching practice more mindful.

Our professional development workshops for educators offer experiential and practical instruction in mindfulness  that can be used at home and in the classroom. We have found that small mindful adjustments to your teaching practice can make a big difference for you and your students. 

Julie’s class was consistently organized, relevant, and skillfully delivered. She clearly understands the emotional challenges adolescents face and was able to connect with our students with compassion and dignity. The level of engagement for this course has been unprecedented at our school. I’ve witnessed the young people who took her course grow in internal awareness and confidence as a result of the mindfulness practices. We hope she will continue to work with us.”
— Lucy Small, Admissions Coordinator, City-As-School
It was a gift to work with Julie throughout our support group for young adult interns. She inspired group members to connect with their power and resilience by locating what one member called ‘the home inside of us.’ Her genuine care allowed group members to feel safe sharing struggles as well as laughter, and to bring their whole selves to her workshops. One group member began writing music thanks to a journal Julie gave him, and for another, yoga and meditation have become a turning point in healing from intense anxiety. I personally learned a tremendous amount from her presence and practice. I feel collaborating with Working Well is a very special opportunity for young people as well as service providers.
— Joanna Roberts, Social Worker
Julie Flynn Badal led a mindfulness workshop for the teaching staff here at Bedford Stuyvesant Early Childhood Development Center. Julie was wonderful! Her approach to instructing was thoughtful and responsive. The teachers of whom had not much prior knowledge of the mindfulness approach were easily engaged. The teachers felt that their thoughts and input were respected. There was clear and consistent dialogue regarding the goal and intention of the workshop. Julie presented a multidisciplinary workshop where the teachers were able to engage in a variety of activities which included: Mediation, dialogue, yoga, and mindful eating. I received nothing but wonderful feedback from all of the teachers that participated. We are looking forward to having Julie come back to do work with parents and other staff members.
— -- Latisha Cook, Director of Education, Montessori Preschool