The Seasonal Mindful Movement and Meditation Series offers individuals a rich and unique opportunity to learn techniques that bring you back into the flow of life. 

Countless studies show that embodied mindfulness practices are a doorway to physical and mental health. This six-week series offers a dedicated space to develop a personal practice. The content draws from the rich history of yoga, dance, qi gong, and various styles of sitting meditation. Each methodology works toward integrating breath, body and mind.

Every week we artfully introduce meditation and movement sequences that help synchronize body and mind. This body-mind integration balances the nervous system; easing modern-day maladies such as stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and depression.  

Each class is centered around a theme that is woven throughout the teaching and encourages personal growth. Participants have said the themes have become a touchpoint for reflection throughout the week.  Over time, the seasonal courses have created a supportive community

I have participated in Julie’s Mindfulness Meditation class for the past two years. Julie is an extraordinarily gifted teacher- thoughtful, intelligent and intuitive. Her classes are a great mix of the physical and cerebral and I always look forward to engaging in the discussion on whatever topic she has chosen for the week. As a result of this course, I am a more calm, focused and intuitive person. I look forward to continuing to study with Julie!
— Michael Lieberman, Creative Business Manager/Fine Art Professional
Julie’s Mindful Movement and Meditation class has become the anchor of my week, like a mini “retreat” for my body and mind. I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards, and am able to carry those feelings with me throughout the week. It is clear that Julie puts a lot of thought and time into preparing each class. She even sends out podcasts and essays to her students for additional reflection I feel so grateful to have been able to participate!
— Simona Rubin, Audience Research and Business Strategy Consultant
Julie’s class has been a treat to look forward to every week. Within a consistent, balanced framework of yoga, xi gong, meditation, and reflection, Julie invents each class anew so the content is always fresh, engaging, and responsive to the moment and the energy in the room. We leave having learned something new, discovered something hidden, and refreshed our minds and souls for the week ahead. In a city teeming with offerings, Julie’s class stands out as a precious gem of experiences.
— Vanessa McGuire